We are Hotel IT Experts.

Oyatelecom is a privately owned Telecoms and IT Services company in London. The company was formed by Bharat Suchak, in response to his recognition of the fact that many businesses struggle to find good and reliable managed IT service provider specialised in certain industries.

Since its establishment, Oyatelecom has worked with many large and small hotels through out UK.

We proudly boast a strong team of qualified and experienced IT professionals who are experts in Hotel IT. What makes our team unique is the fact that we understand the hospitality industry. We know that guest satisfaction is crucial to having repeat customers and high occupation rates. We also appreciate that seemingly small issues such as the speed at checkout are essential. Most importantly, we know that good IT drives a a hotel efficiently – but in the background in a way that your staff’s primary focus is still your hotel guests.

Our team has wealth of hands-on experience in all areas of Hotel IT Services & Support. From Opera to Rezlynx, Micros to ePOS, Vingcard to Salto, from back of house network to guest WiFi, we know it all.

What We Do

Technology can be complicated, but we’ve seen it all before and can help you simplifying your IT.

What We Do

Who We Help?

Over the years, we have specialized in certain industry and know the systems inside out.

Who We Help?

Why Choose Us

We have a proven track record in helping businesses move forward with you in every step.

Why Choose Us


The growth of our company does not change our core values and philosophy.

Our main philosophy is building meaningful relationships with our clients, through achieving and maintaining a high level of excellence


In all we do, we remain ethical, transparent, and impartial. That is to say, what we promise is what we deliver. We do not sell what we cannot provide. Instead, we strive to deliver value that exceeds your expectations. Put simply, Oyatelecom honours its commitments. Our honesty goes as far as challenging things we believe to be wrong. And, just as we are ready to challenge issues.


Oyatelecom is a hotel telecom solutions provider focused on clients’ satisfaction. We are committed to excellence. When other companies are focusing on meeting your demands, we are figuring out how to surpass your expectations. So, we invest enough time in understanding what you need. Ultimately, we create solutions that solve both your short-term and long-term goals.


Excellence means we do everything we can to deliver the best. Brilliance means we better our services by staying on top of industry trends and learning from our mistakes. We are proud of our work, and we appreciate the work our customers do. Therefore, we create an environment that keeps and attracts the best people – professionals who share our values.