May 1st 2020
Telecoms / VOIP
The East London Hotel


The East London Hotel is a luxury hotel in the east end offering 161 bedrooms for business and leisure travelers alike to explore the city from a vibrant base. The hotel offers self check-in kiosks to speed up
check-in and check-out process.

Their Problem

The hotel was looking to implement a solution whereby after 11pm their main doors could be locked and accessible only by staff and checked in guests, and where guests looking to check in could communicate with the night manager via an intercom and be allowed in by remote access control on the door.

The problem was they had a traditional door entry phone system with a fixed receiver in the back office which meant if the nights team were out on security walks or for any reason not in the back office they could not respond to intercom calls, leaving guests outside.

Our Solution

With our years of experience, we knew straight away that the traditional door intercom was obsolete and no longer serving their needs. We proposed to install Fanvil i16v Video Intercom. The i16V SIP Video
Intercom is designed for outdoor scenes with high reliability, HD Audio/Video, and IP65/IK10 protection grade. It combines security, audio/video intercom and broadcasting functionalities and offer the best communication solution. The Fanvil door phone is connected to the hotel’s 3CX System

We also installed two Fanvil X7C Enterprise IP Phone which receive video calls from the intercom.

The Results

The Fanvil door phone connected to our cloud hosted 3CX Hotel Phone System and nights staff having the 3CX App on their smart phones, they can now receive video intercom calls on their mobile regardless of where they are in the building.

The Fanvil i16V SIP Video Intercom is also connected to the keycard reader, meaning checked-in guests continue to tap their card and enter the hotel.