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Hotel CCTV Solution

Along with enhancing your business connectivity and communication for an improved customer experienced, providing your clients with top-notch security services is also your responsibility. To protect your business and your clients against the possible theft or fraud, you require the proper monitoring system in place. Installation of CCTV system in hotels depends on two crucial factors, i-e, your security needs and your clients’ privacy. So to achieve both goals, you have to adopt a balanced approach between the two diverse requirements.

We have garnered extensive years of experience in this field and can guide you in your hotel CCTV endeavour accordingly. Let our experts suggest you which system would be suitable for your business, how many CCTV cameras would be sufficient and where do you need to install those systems!

Safe guarding your hotel against theft, damage and fraud is very important, and to achieve this you need to ensure you have the right hotel CCTV solution in place. CCTV installation in hotels can be complicated due to the new GDPR rules and the balance required between your quest for optimal security and your guest’s privacy.

Key areas for Hotel CCTV coverage

Hotel Entrances

Have a keen look at who enters or leaves your hotel by installing CCTV cameras at the entrance. This is the main point of trouble.

Hotel Pool Areas

CCTV coverage of your pool and SPA allows you to quickly respond any issues or accidents and also have a visual record of activities.

Hotel Parking

For the prompt response to any suspicious activity in your parking areas, you require camera installed in the parking.

Hotel Reception

The hotel reception desk is the most visited and utilized area of any hotel and therefore coverage of the reception desk is crucial.

Hotel Exterior Areas

Having wide coverage of the external areas of your hotel can be incredibly useful, without infringing on the privacy of your guests.

Hotel Back Office

There are many activities that take in your back office and it is vital to have visual coverage ensuring safety of your hotel staff.


Our Hotel CCTV Solution
have a unique range of benefits

CCTV systems are a great way to identify problematic guests, visitors and even staff members. With the help of these systems, you can not only identify the intruders but also detect the free-loaders who are taking advantage of hotel amenities.

Hotel CCTV solution equip you with the visual proof of any unfortunate situation, but they also ensure the safety and security of your business premises, staff and guests. CCTV footage comes handy to battle the fraudulent lawsuits against your hotel.


CCTV solution are a great tool to identify and resolve problems. Having daily footage of your business around the clock enables you to locate the problematic areas and take suitable action to resolve the issue and for future safety.


With a comprehensive and reliable monitoring system in place, you can have the required peace of mind. These smart-systems are an efficient way to determine the dishonest, illegal and fraudulent activities.


Hotel CCTV Solution

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"We commissioned Oyatelecom to come on board with us at The Bermondsey Square Hotel and I was truly amazed at the speed of which they were able to go live. The Guest Wi-Fi platform was completed the very next day they took over. They have certainly exceeded my expectation and the service provided from the first point of contact has always been very professional and defiantly very efficient! I highly recommend there services."
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"Bharat brings a breadth of experience for delivering cutting edge IT systems to hotels, he has a great understanding of networks and has helped us by finding innovative solutions to help our operations and overall guest experience, the Oya Team is always there for us by phone or email and have helped us save substantially on our IT expenditure by taking over our wifi and telephone systems. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

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