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Hotel PCI Compliance

A hotel is a place that accepts all sorts of cards for payments and Hotel PCI compliance is a must. It is, therefore, extremely crucial for a hotel to be PCI compliant. We have with us an extensive experience of 15 years to keep your guests safe from any payment fraud and to keep you protected against bank levies and additional charges.

With the introduction of outstanding and top-notch security architecture and efficient training and network scanning, we ensure your PCI compliance.

Network building

Our experts will assist you in building and maintaining a stable, reliable and secure network.

Effective mechanism

We adopt an effective and intelligent mechanism to ensure the safety of the user card’s data.

Vulnerability management

We design and craft a vulnerability program for your hotel business for better safety and security.

PCI Compliance Plus

We provide advanced management tools to clients who want to take their Hotel PCI Compliance to a higher level.

Reliable monitoring services

From designing to implementing and monitoring our network security, we promise to deliver excellence and efficiency at every step.

Access control measure

For the more controlled and authorized access to the customer payment data, we offer bespoke access control measure throughout your facility.


Our Hotel PCI Compliance
offers a unique range of benefits

Almost everywhere, every hotel accepts card payments. Whenever you take the card from your guests for payment purpose, you become responsible for the security of their data. So to protect your reputation, why not step ahead and make your hotel PCI compliant?


By implementing PCI DSS compliance in your hotel, you demonstrate that you placeyour guests’ security at priority. The enhanced sense of security will ultimately transform into trust and make your guests your recurring guests for enhanced revenue.


Card payment merchants charges you penalty for not being PCI compliant. If your hotel is PCI compliant, you will no longer have to pay those surcharges. PCI compliance is a practical way to save additional costs.


If you have implemented PCI compliance in your hotel, you can sit back and relax as you have done your part to ensure the guests’ safety.


Hotel PCI Compliance

Emilia Clarke
Emma Castaldo
General Manager
"We commissioned Oyatelecom to come on board with us at The Bermondsey Square Hotel and I was truly amazed at the speed of which they were able to go live. The Guest Wi-Fi platform was completed the very next day they took over. They have certainly exceeded my expectation and the service provided from the first point of contact has always been very professional and defiantly very efficient! I highly recommend there services."
Emilia Clarke
Irfan Hussain
Hotel Owner
"Bharat brings a breadth of experience for delivering cutting edge IT systems to hotels, he has a great understanding of networks and has helped us by finding innovative solutions to help our operations and overall guest experience, the Oya Team is always there for us by phone or email and have helped us save substantially on our IT expenditure by taking over our wifi and telephone systems. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

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