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We know that Hotel IT Systems are highly complex. With 15 years of experience working with a range of hotels, from high-end boutiques to large multi-national chains, we can fix your IT issues quickly and ensure that your team remains happy, productive and focused on providing your guests with a enhanced experience.
We will provide you with a reliable IT Infrastructure backed by experienced and responsive single point of contact for all your Hotel IT support, allowing you to protect your revenue and reputation, while you engage your guests with bespoke service experience.

Comprehensive Hotel IT Support include

Service desk

At Oyatelecom, we promise you outstanding services and reliable performance through our 24/7 available IT support services.


Oyatelecom will take care of all your infrastructure requirements and demands to keep it optimized and updated to handle organizational performance burden.

Network Management

Get your hands on the top-notch network management services for the efficient working of your cloud services.

End Point Management

End user and mobile user management, ensuring security and stability while maximising uptime and employee productivity.


Ensuring your hotel applications like Oracle Opera, Brilliant, Assa Abloy, Salto and Oracle Micros are always optimised for optimum performance.

Managed services plus

If you crave for levelling up your IT management services, we have just the right tools for you. With our advanced IT tools, you can make your IT support services more efficient and updated.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

Decreased Costs

Why pay more when you only need a few services? At Oyatelecom, we offer you the freedom to choose the services you required and pay accordingly.

Trusted advisory

We discuss and analyze your IT ambitions, and we offer our reliable and effective advisory services accordingly. We are transparent in all our doings.

Economy of scale

Working on your business growth? How about growing your IT support accordingly? Yes, at Oyatelecom, we are ready to scale up with you.


Oyatelecom has dedicated team of experts, and if your hotel projects demand more manpower, we will replenish the demand following the need.

Small investment

We will handle all your Hotel IT support requirements so that you do not have to invest in the equipment and labor.


We work with global hotel chains as well as independent hotel owners

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Marriott Hotels
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Your complete Hotel IT Support and Services under one roof.