IT Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy Services

With our professional and trusted IT consultancy services, we offer the businesses to manage their technologies more efficiently. From designing to managing IT services and mitigating risks involved, we promise to deliver excellence and innovation at every step

Oyatelecom’s IT consultancy services assist IT units within hotels and organisations design, manage, and maintain reliable, secure, smart and intelligent technologies.

Comprehensive IT Consultancy Services

IT Strategy

Oyatech provides you with top-notch IT solutions and ideas to ensure the fulfilment of your business goals, growth and objectives.

IT Projects

From concept to completion, we take full ownership in every stage of IT projects ensuring they are delivered in time and budget

IT Security

Top-notch security architecture,  staff training, comprehensive guidelines and network scanning for GDPR and PCI DSS compliance.

IT Security

Top-notch security architecture,  staff training, comprehensive guidelines and network scanning for GDPR and PCI DSS compliance.


Our experts have extensive knowledge to handle all cloud services, including SaaS, Office 365 Migration, Private and Hybrid Cloud


In the event of any disaster, we let you rest assure that all your data and information is backed up and safe for the continuous business functioning.

Oyatelecom's IT consultancy services are based on 4 key principles


Analyse, design and realign your IT infrastructure with your business objectives and vision while considering other factors such as costs.


Take an overall view of IT setup and operations, commercial arrangements, analysing cost, total cost of ownership and your business IT Opex


Assess risks to your business in terms of performance and efficiency. Provide procedures, solutions and tools to comply with governing standards.


We provide guidance on the delivery of transforming technology, taking account of operations, cost and readiness to ensure no business loss.


Our IT Consultancy services provide a unique range of benefits

Speed to Transformation

Oyatelecom will let you adopt the new technologies and offer continuous monitoring services to enhance the value of your IT infrastructure.

Improved IT Efficiency

By switching to our IT consultancy services, you can efficiently remove the complexities and optimize your IT infrastructure by significantly reducing the costs involved.

Mitigate Risk

IT Consultancy services are a great tool to analyze and mitigate all the potential risks for smooth and efficient business functioning.

Cost Effective

Our consultancy services will equip you with critical IT proposals to attain cost-effectiveness goals.

Improve Performance

Our experts will keep all the systems in check to improve performance and maximum system optimization.


Hiring us will lessen the burden on the in-house IT department for better and stable performance.

Oyatelecom are always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
Erwin De Jong
IT Consultancy Services London